Anna Stevenson

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Travel, 2020, oil & charcoal on canvas, 377 cm x 115 cm

Travel (detail 1)

Travel (detail 2)

Travel (detail 3)

Travel (detail 4)

Though void of figures my painting still deeply centres on people, in abstaining from the human form I instead depict their presence through their creations and habitat. Curiously I have unintentionally found train stations the ideal place to observe this; their purely functional use leaves people without a social fa├žade to pretend otherwise, revealing a more visceral tone. Additionally, their open-ended structures inevitably give a strong contrast to the natural environment around them, combining the man-made steel structures with the gentle hues and tones of the sky emitting through them.

No10, 2020, oil & charcoal on canvas, 103 cm x 153 cm

No10 (detail 1)

No10 (detail 2)

No10 (detail 3)

No9, 2019, oil & charcoal on canvas, 119 cm x 80 cm

No9 (detail 1)

No9 (detail 2)

Using this as inspiration I immerse myself in a process of layering and rearranging of the environment, through colour, shape and line I aim to transform this mystical ambience found to the visual in aims to unlock the psyche of the human presence in its environment. Ultimately my canvas becomes a map and reflection of this process of understanding, the canvas becoming a documentation of my journey as opposed to being an endpoint in itself. Throughout this development some areas of the canvas become instantly recognisable and others impossible to decipher in their origins, the work becoming an unreconciled tapestry of colour, the viewer imperative for the work to be complete.

Fractured Light, oil on canvas, 51 cm x 76 cm

Fractured Light (detail 1)

Fractured Light (detail 2)

Fractured Light (detail 3)