Harriet Gillett

Grad Dip Fine Art

Caught Up, 2020, oil and spray paint on canvas, 114 cm x 140 cm

Play It Away, 2020, oil and spray paint on canvas, 15 cm x 10 cm

Installation View of Pre-Lockdown Pubs Paintings Series

I am interested in drawing parallels between different narratives, looking to break down binaries by creating works that blur the lines between abstraction and figuration, tradition or the contemporary, predator or prey. With imagery inspired by literature, art history and observational drawing, my current body of work is united by a desire to offer an escape to another world or time; psychological landscapes which reflect upon wider themes of identity, behaviour and our contradictory relationship to our environments.

Quietly, With a Grin, 2020, watercolour on paper

Tetra-Pak Relic of a Not-too-distant Future, 2020, drypoint into Tetra-Pak on paper (1/4)

Using luminous colour with darker subject matter and multiple painting languages within one image, each work revolves around a series of unexpected juxtapositions of materials and processes, to offer multiple perspectives within one image. Grown out of boredom and lusting over sketches made pre-lockdown, my on going series of pub paintings layer murky oil paint over luminous spray paint, enacting the process of memory and it’s ability to create distance between reality, and sugar-coat it; both giving a glimpse of nostalgia for our shared spaces, whilst also acknowledging their propensity for darkness.

After They Came, 2020, monoprint on paper (1/1)

A lovely View, 2019, watercolour and gouache on paper

Together, Differently, 2020, oil and watercolour on canvas 80 cm x 60 cm