Katherine Pethers

BA (Hons) Fine Art

An Adoration: An Abyss [installation view], 2019, mixed media, dimensions variable

My current practice resides in the study of semiotics and relies prominently on the act of curation. Focusing on epistemology, the work aims to trace both linear and non-linear narratives resulting in an archive of visual 'prose'. The work consists of installation, drawing, curation, sculpture and other cross-disciplinary practices; gathering, writing, sound / recordings etc. 

Described as having been excavated, the works often appear emergent rather than resultant of the hand. I aim to approach the work as if I have found it, dug it up, perhaps I was the one who buried it many years ago also. 
             // perhaps not.

An Adoration: An Abyss [detail], 2019, mixed media

An Adoration: An Abyss [detail], 2019, wool, sculpted solder, river pearl

I am interested in the translation of sacred to profane and, conversely, the imbibement of temporal, earthly objects with sanctity. Relics are, therefore, a key motif returning throughout my work. 

To make holy //      - 
           To dance with small feet, 
We are dough held in the hands  
//not yet risen, 

And All That Tarmac, 2019, hand made book, printed with text and drawing, bound in linen

Untitled [Shepherd], 2020, baked dough, bronze, wood, 17 cm x 7 cm