Vivienne Dixon

BA (Hons) Fine Art

I enjoy the challenge of working on pieces over time, using processes that can change or add to my concept for a piece of work. I seek out an eclectic range of found objects that will work together with objects that I make, and also allow me to use the options of pattern, shape and collage. I love to layer materials and show their signs of wear and tear although this can be challenging to integrate into my body of work. As well as this I combine recycled materials with processes like bronze casting as well as etching and relief printmaking.

Tree Mural, 2019, paper, plastic tape, acrylic paint, installation view

Tree Canopy, 2019, mixed papers, installation view

My last body of work for this course, Lockdown Installation, was created in my garden during lockdown. This opened up different opportunities to working in an indoor studio space carried out during the early part of my course. Working outside has brought shadows, reflections, lighting, photography and sound into my work. I have enjoyed working in the studio and outside.

Cast Bronze, 2019, 20 cm x 18.5 cm

Lockdown Installation, 2020, paper cut 20 cm x 20.5 cm on paper 42 cm x 29.5 cm

Lockdown Installation, metal, bricks, cast bronze, masking tape, installation view

Wrapped Plastic in Lockdown Installation, plastic sheeting, LED lights, rusty metal, installation view