Sorcha Jewell

BA (Hons) Fine Art

I am a multi-media artist whose work focuses on 2D and 3D drawing. My work predominately addresses ideas of disability, chronic pain and the challenges that come with living in a dysfunctional body. Using print making, drawing, photography, sculpture and installation, my most recent work explores issues such as how can we get comfortable with being uncomfortable and where does the line between support and restriction lie. In particular, when it comes to disability justice in a time of isolation and quarantine.

Alying, 2019, open bite etching & emboss, 16 cm x 9.8 cm

Tender Tension, 2020, long exposure self-portrait, part of Support, Safety or Suffocation series 

Drawing from my fascination with how the human body works, I often use anatomy, cellular structures and life drawing as starting points.

I use my art to show what I cannot explain with words, in order to both emotionally process my own condition and also in the hope that it may help others with chronic conditions.

Suspended Exhaustion, 2020, long exposure self-portrait, part of Support, Safety or Suffocation series 

Unhinged, 2020, pencil on Fabiano paper, 35 cm x 45 cm 

Dislocate, 2020, black acrylic on paraffin wax, 35 cm x 35 cm 

Restricted by Support, 2020, biro on cartridge paper, 21 cm x 29.7 cm

How does your leg feel?, 2019, pencil & white chalk on paper

Can you feel that tendon or that tendon? What if your mobility was dependent on you constantly thinking about your limbs and where they are? Scale model of proposed installation for my degree show, Cardboard, fabriano, liquid latex, digital prints, elastic bands, oak L-angle beading, tin foil, white tac, hot glue, aluminium wire, steel wire, jute string, muslin, tulle, gaffa tape, black card, fairy lights, staples, photoshop, 44 cm x 70 cm x 43 cm